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Foster Rossetto

Fleet director

"This club is the one where I will always belong."

Foster Rossetto joined the Fairfield Canoe Club at the end of 1974. In early 1975 Foster, together with Jon Mayne, identified 15 club members who were committed to working with them to maintain and expand the club. The momentum built from this initial resurgence culminated in the building of a new clubhouse with Joe Alia, Terry Yorkshire, John Waters and Andrew Kerekes. 30 club members formed the first FCC Co-operative with Joe and Foster contributing more money when the co-operative ran short. Foster has held every position on the club committee and was the team manager at regattas during the 1980s.

Additionally he has been the club delegate on the VCA race committee as well as the Victorian delegate to the Australian Olympic Committee.

Foster fought to ensure Zoli Szigeti retained his post as Olympic manager for canoeing when an envious group headed by the Olympic coach attempted to oust him. Foster persuaded the Sub-dean of Law Faculty at Melbourne University, a good friend, to do all the legal work for this, as well as the transfer of the property title from the descendants of the four people who started FCC to the FCC Co-operative. It cost the club nothing.

He left the committee during the 1991/92 season for a well-deserved break after 15 years of continuous service. He still enjoys a regular paddle and feels that this club is the one where he will always belong. He says, "I have raced in TK1, TK2, K1 and K2s; winning was great, but participating in a healthy activity has always been my priority."



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