Heavy rain and High river levels

Heavy rain was forecast and occurred throughout the Yarra catchment prior to and over the weekend of 2-3 December 2017 - upwards of 100mm of rain was expected over the weekend and falls of 40-120mm occurred.  This caused some flooding of the Yarra - the level at FCC rose to 2.8m above low water level, which takes the river to just lapping at the top step above the FCC dock (just where the grass starts).  The image shows FCC in the 1934 floods - other flood images here.

FCC Christmas Party and Awards Day

Fairfield Canoe Club 2017 Christmas & Awards Celebration - with River Rally Scavenger Hunt
also with the soulful tunes of Zerafina Zara!  Book Here!

Description of the day
10.30am   Arrive and prepare for the River Rally Scavenger Hunt, 

or just relax and be delighted by the soulful tunes of Zerafina Zara.

11.00am   River Rally Scavenger Hunt entries close and the race begins!
Contestants will set off downstream - following clues - to collect an item (or perform a task) at each of the mystery checkpoints. The first contestants to return to the club with all the items/tasks completed will be victorious - and will be awarded cash prizes!

12.20pm  K4/ C4 Racing - join in or watch from the dock

12.30pm   Enjoy a fabulous buffet lunch.
There'll be food to suit everyone, including gourmet salads, vegetarian dishes, gluten-free and dairy-free options.
Soft drinks provided. BYO other drinks

1.30pm Santa visits with gifts for all primary school aged children.

Delicious desserts will be served.
Kids (of all ages) will love the decorate-your-own-icecream stand!

2.00pm FCC awards presentation

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Sunday, November 26, 2017 - 10:30

Celebration of achievement

Over 200 club members and friends came together to celebrate five Fairfield members who have been selected to compete overseas. Elena Cementon organised the showing of the first Australian showing of Beyond the River, and the club raised over $2,500 for our Australian representatives.

Club Chairman Peter Goldsworthy spoke at the Rivoli cinema before the movie (see below) and and noted that Fairfield has never had so many members selected to compete overseas. 

Photographs of the atheletes are shown below. (Photographs by Jean Jones and Mike Zupanc)