Marathon Winter Series Inter-club Trophy - a history

Resplendent in the FCC clubrooms, it might be easy to think that the winter series trophy has never has another home. Look back a few years, though, and there is a slightly different story to tell. Kerryn Bonnett, a Fairfield member in the 1990's, helped revitalise club interest in the the marathon winter series, in particular through the inter-club trophy. Kerryn's article, published in the mid-90's gives us a great insight into the history of the trophy and how involvement in the winter series shaped the club through the decade.

A different river experience: Mushing on the Yukon

While we were in the Yukon to see the northern lights we took the opportunity to check out the great paddling rivers the Yukon and Tahkini, but in March there was no chance of paddling! With average night time temperatures below -25C and daytime temperatures (in direct sun) only touching -5C there was still 600mm of ice covering both rivers. This however, made a perfect surface for dog mushing (sledding).