Come and try day

A pilot Come and Try day session was launched on Sunday 10th February as a first step for those who wanted to sample kayaking and canoeing. The session was run by Alex James and Tony Payne with 10 enthusiastic participants over 2.5 hrs. The group was divided into two and each group had about an hour in either a single kayak or double canoe then swapped over. Feedback was very positive so now it is hoped we will run several of these sessions over the year. They should act as a great feed in to our existing courses Introduction to Kayaking (2 weeks) or Beginners and Beyond (4 weeks).

Brothers of the one blade at FCC - update

FCC launched its Lance C4 today for the first time. Thanks to Peter Ohman and Trev Archibald for steering the ship and to the rest for not complaining when they got wet. Photo: Lisa Lyons, The C4 launch from the club landing.

Roger French provides a short history of the Lance C4 (Roger was a member of Fairfield Canoe Club in 1979 & 1980 when he lived and trained in Melbourne aiming to make selection for the 1980 Olympic Team)