What another great day Canadian day - update

The old C4 out of retirement along with Bass Wakim. All those kids and adults on the water went outrageously well, complete with one swim by an individual out of the C4 who shall rename nameless other than to say it was his first swim ever, wasn't it Carter! Photo top: Peter paddling steersman, and Zac Ohman (aged 14) in front as stroke. Zac is 3rd generation member at FCC.
Update from Jillian Dunn (niece of Life member, Tom Ohman)

Come and try day

A pilot Come and Try day session was launched on Sunday 10th February as a first step for those who wanted to sample kayaking and canoeing. The session was run by Alex James and Tony Payne with 10 enthusiastic participants over 2.5 hrs. The group was divided into two and each group had about an hour in either a single kayak or double canoe then swapped over. Feedback was very positive so now it is hoped we will run several of these sessions over the year. They should act as a great feed in to our existing courses Introduction to Kayaking (2 weeks) or Beginners and Beyond (4 weeks).