Winter marathon series 2017

Rowan, Elena, Caitlin and Alex on the podium - 2016 Winter series

There are usually eight or nine events in the Winter Series marathon races. All are organised by Canoeing Victoria and described fully in the Canoe Marathon Diary (see the CV website).  The winter series is preceeded by the Victorian Marathon Championships held in around March each year and the Australian Marathon Championships in April. All paddlers who compete win points for their club with additional points awarded for position. A perpetual Victorian Marathon trophy is awarded to the club with the most points at the end of the season. Fairfield Canoe Club regularly finishes in first or second place, with INCC either snapping at our heels or pipping us at the post. 

It is now time to rise to the challenge to regain the trophy and ensure that it stays back where it belongs at FCC !

We are a Goodsports club

We are a Good Sports Level Three club 

Our club is committed to strengthening the community with our members and
their families. As a Good Sports Level Three club, we are proud of our
efforts in promoting health and well-being. As a Good Sports Level Three
club, our club is a healthy, safe and family-friendly environment