Club Boats and Equipment

Fairfield Canoe Club has a fantastic fleet available to our members, including a wide range of kayaks, canoes and polo boats.  Our fleet includes single, double and quad boats ranging from stable beginner craft through to less stable racing craft.

In order to help our paddlers choose which boat to paddle, we've put together a full listing of the club fleet, in stability order.  

Wild weather at Patersons Lakes

The first race of the marathon winter series was cancelled one hour after the start. Gale force winds and blinding rain squals made paddling on the Paterson river almost impossible. Fairfield had nine canoeists paddling in five double canoes and one single in the race and it was great to see so many canoe paddlers battling the rough water. A number of the kayaks were capsizing before the start however the weather turned for the worse at 3/4 of way into the race. (see the video taken on the day - bottom of this page)

Two Fairfield TK2's in division 6 missed the turn and headed into the wrong canal system. The lead paddlers blamed the extreme conditions for the navigational error. The TK2 that followed blamed the TK2 they followed !. About ten boats capsized during the race, with wind gusts making turns very difficult. At one stage canoes and kayaks were being blown all the way across the Patterson River.

Marathon winter series

There are usually eight or nine events in the Winter Series marathon races. All are organised by Canoeing Victoria and described fully in the Canoe Marathon Diary (see the CV website)

The winter series is preceeded by the Victorian Marathon Championships held in around March each year and the Australian Marathon Championships in April.