FCC AGM 2021

FCC Annual General Meeting 2021 The Annual General Meeting of the Fairfield Canoe Club Co-operative Ltd was held at 3pm on Sunday 29th August 2021, with more than 40 attendees. The meeting took place via Zoom this year as we are now able to hold ‘hybrid’ and "online' meetings and because of the ongoing lockdown in Victoria. A link to the Zoom meeting was emailed out to all club members who were current/financial in the club's Go Membership system prior to the meeting.  

The Minutes and Agenda for the AGM together with Minutes from last year's AGM are published at the end of this webpage.  Reports from Directors and Audited Accounts have also been published here after the AGM.

Board nominations and Elections

The continuing Directors with one year remaining on their two year terms were Robin Curwen-Walker, Rowan Doyle, Helen Gibney and Craig Harpin. The retiring Directors were: 

  • Foster Rossetto retires after completing his two year term
  • Joe Alia (deceased) completed his two year term
  • Geoff Baird who was appointed by the board following Stephen Routley’s retirement mid-term, retires after completing his one year term.

As a result there were three vacancies for 2 year terms on the Board.

Four members stood for election: Geoff Baird, Roya Khalil, Alasdair Morrison and Foster Rossetto.

Geoff Baird, Roya Khalil and Foster Rossetto were elected to the board.

The Directors of the Club are responsible for ensuring that the club is run within the rules of the Co-operatives Act and the Policies and Procedures of FCC Co-op. This encompasses running the club in the best interests of all members.

Please note that individual roles for Directors are determined by the elected Board after the AGM.

All directors must have a current ‘Working with Children Check’ to hold a position on the Board – this can be applied for after the AGM. 

Thanks to members for your ongoing support of FCC.

Rowan and the FCC Board