FCC and Covid-19

Fairfield Canoe Club – Club Members: Clubhouse is Closed.


Paddling is allowed – using your own boat, paddle and PFD.

At this time, club equipment (boats, paddles, PFDs) is not to be used.

You may now use the boatshed – accessed via the roller doors – to collect your boat, paddle and PFD and to go paddling from FCC.

You cannot use the clubhouse at all – use toilet/shower at home.  We have moved the First Aid Kit into the boatshed.

If paddling from FCC, you MUST:

  • Wear a PFD.  It’s the law, and there are less people around than usual to help if you get in to trouble.
  • Disinfect the lock and roller door handle after touching it, using the disinfectant provided.
  • NOTIFY us of your paddling date/ time and your expected finish time – before you get on the water – by email to enquiries@fairfieldcanoeclub.org.au or by text to 0418 397 033.  This is essential, so that should a case of Covid-19 be detected among FCC paddlers, we can notify anyone who may have been impacted.
  • You MUST maintain a distance of at least 2m from any other person (unless member of your household) at ALL TIMES:
    • In the boatshed.  This means – one person in an aisle ONLY at any time.
    • On the landing
    • On the water
  • Do not go up the stairs, do not use the chin up bar. 
  • If there are too many people wanting to get out, or in, at once, take 5 and WAIT.


If we hear that these rules are not being followed we will be forced to lock the boatshed and gates down again.


Rowan and the FCC Board, 15 May 2020