FCC and Covid-19

Fairfield Canoe Club – Club Members: Boatshed and grounds are now open to members under Melbourne's restrictions.

From 12 November, the boatshed grounds and dock are open for club members to use their own boats or club boats.  Clubhouse is mostly closed, however toilets, showers and change rooms can be accessed from rear door only.  Shared equipment which touches the head (PFDs, helmets, decks) is not allowed with the exception of club PFDs which have been specifically allocated.  Polo goals and balls are allowed with disinfection between use.

Club boats and paddles MUST be cleaned and sanitised after each use and sanitised before each use.

Double boats may be used by members as long as paddlers are >1.5m apart.  K2s where paddlers are 1.5m or less apart may be used by members of the same household or by U18 paddlers.

Per our club Covid Safe Plan - attached to this page - and Government requirements you MUST comply with distancing and PFD requirements (and masks if inside).  You must use the sanitiser provided at club entrances and the pink sprays provided to disinfect any surface (eg door handles) after touching.  Pop your mask in a ziplok bag when not in use.

Every time that anybody enters the club gate, you MUST notify us via text or email - including the boat number if you use a club boat.

Rowan and the FCC Board, 12 November 2020