Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

2022 Awards

Under the Yarra Award

Harry Brockwell
Harry rescued a dog from the Yarra, only to find that he then had to rescue its owner as well.

Canoe Polo Award

Jade Kerber

Coaches Award

Theo Partridge - Canoe Polo
Theo has been outstanding showing amazing commitment to continue to train and participate particularly as the only member of the beginner and intermediate squad that has continued over winter. They have shown great development over the year and incredible perseverance dealing with extraordinary family circumstances and polo has been one of the main things that have helped him through the past year and for him to not only continue but develop how he has over the year is something that should be recognised.

Coaches Award

Ali Graham - Canoe Polo

Ali has shown amazing performance and leadership throughout the year, leading the Fairfield Youth team to wins in both the Victorian Interclubs Series, the Melbourne Canoe Polo League, and also winning the U18 category at nationals with a draft team. He has also gained his coaching accreditation and has been coaching for both Fairfield and Paddle Victoria and has trained consistently on and off the water through a busy final year of schooling and has always shown up for working bees and other volunteering around the club.

Coaches Award

Ed Tollinton - Zoli and sessions with Tony Payne
Ed started as a beginner and despite ongoing interruptions has progressed really well. He is keen, listens to advice and seeks out more information to help. He has experimented with boats and paddles and is improving all the time – evidence being his improvement in the 10km time trial from 84min back in May to 72min in early October before river went up. Given more time on the water I expect him to continue to improve.

Coaches Award

Axel Tan - junior sprint squad
Axel had a marvelous year in terms of performance. Only having transitioned to Kayak Sprint 12 months ago, Axel clean swept all the U12 boys events, achieving a total of 8 gold medals during the National Canoe Sprint Championships 2022 in Adelaide in May 2022.
Axel Tan - National Sprint Championship 2022
Event Placing
MK1-200m U12 1st
MK1-500m U12 1st
MK1-1000m U12 1st
MK2-200m U12 1st
MK2-500m U12 1st
MK2-1000m U12 1st
MK4-200m U12 1st
MK4-500m U12 1st
Axel also performed exceptionally well during the Victorian State Sprint Championships. Despite being only 12 years old, he participated in the U14 age group and was able to overcome all the U14 boys, achieving a total of 5 Gold Medals.
Axel Tan - Victorian Sprint Championship 2022
Event Placing
MK1-200m U14 1st
MK1-500m U14 1st
MK1-2500m U14 1st
MK2-200m U14 1st
MK2-500m U14 1st

Coaches Award

Anthea Tan - junior sprint squad

Similar to her brother, Anthea made great strides in the sport of Kayak Sprint despite having only trained for 12 months. In the National Canoe Sprint Championships 2022, Anthea achieved a very credible 2nd placing in the Blue ribbon WK1-500m U14, beating very strong opposition from NSW and QLD. Unfortunately she fell sick the day after and was heavily impacted for the remainder of the regatta and had to withdraw from her pet WK1-200m event. Despite that, she battled on and ended the regatta with 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Anthea Tan - National Sprint Championship 2022
Event Placing
WK1-500m U14 2nd
WK2-200m U14 2nd
WK4-200m U14 2nd
Wk4-1000m U14 3rd
WK4-500m U14 3rd
Anthea also achieved very credible results during the Victorian State Sprint Championships earlier in the season achieving 2 Gold and 4 Silver medals. Her most standout performance would be racing in the U16 age group despite being only 14yrs old and achieving a fantastic 2nd placing in WK1-200m U16.
Anthea Tan - Victorian Sprint Championship 2022
Event Placing
WK1-200m U14 2nd
WK1-500m U14 2nd
WK1-2500m U14 2nd
WK1-200m U16 2nd
WK2-200m U14 1st
WK2-500m U14 1st

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