Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year


You can subscribe to our club calendars (club events and other events - two calendars) on your device just by clicking on the Add google calendar link in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar above.  This will add both the FCC events and the Other events calendars to an existing google calendar (on any sort of device).

If you don't use google calendar, we have two methods for adding the calendars to your devices, depending on your device type.

Links for Apple computers, iPads, iPhones (just try clicking on these links to subscribe):

FCC Events and Other Events

Links for Android devices and PC users:

FCC Events and Other Events

If clicking on the links does not subscribe you, you may need to do the following:

If you use an Apple computer or iPhone, iPad, copy one of the Apple links (right click, copy link) then: 

  • If you use Apple's Calendar app on your Mac, go to "File>New Calendar Subscription" and paste in the relevant link(s).  
  • Or on an iPad or iPhone, go to "Settings> Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar" and paste the relevant link. 

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