Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year
A different river experience: Mushing on the Yukon
  While we were in the Yukon to see the northern lights we took the opportunity to check out the great paddling rivers the Yukon and Tahkini, but in March there was no chance of paddling! With average night time temperatures below -25C and daytime temperatures (in direct sun) only touching -5C ...
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Tom Ohman celebration. Update - photos from the day
Tom, one of two life members at Fairfield, is moving interstate. Over his decades with Fairfield he has helped put our Canoe Club in the forefront of the canoeing community. To celebrate Tom the Canoeist, for his contribution and the history he has helped create we had a few drin...
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The Goulburn challenge
Fully charged after a successful Winter Series dominating touring canoe racing and with the medal tally to prove it, the intrepid canoeists plus a few friends decided on a trip on the Goulburn River. On Friday night whilst most of the population of Victoria was considering if Meatloaf would or would...
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Canoe catching and the finer art of survival
There are few things in normal life that can create apprehension: your daughter learning to drive in your car, in traffic, the arrival of a letter from the ATO in the middle of the year, and  an email from the Head of Middle School asking to see you about an "issue" These events create mild [&h...
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“A Cautionary Tale” or “What Jon Mayne didn’t tell you!”
History snippet 11 Seeing the Merri Creek in flood this week was an opportunity to visit the archives and learn from history. Most of you will know that our latest Life Member John Mayne has many a story to tell of the early days of canoeing at the club. But one story that he hasn’t […]...
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FCC Carnival Plans in 1921
History Snippet 7 The FCC Minutes Book for 1921 details the many motions, both won and lost, taken to organise their carnival. It was no small event and one that required much aforethought. Planning appears to start Feb 22 when it was determined “to make a request to Heidelberg Council for permiss...
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History - Film Nights at FCC - A Cautionary Tale - History Snippet 4
March 16, 2018, sees the return of picture nights to 9, The Esplanade. History tells us to be aware and be on our best behaviour! In the heady pre-TV days of the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Club played a much broader role than simply canoeing on the Yarra, rather it was a social club of […]...
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Answers to last newsletter questions - History Snippet 3
Answers to last newsletter questions 1. Wikipedia states - Table Talk was a weekly magazine published from 26 June 1885[1] until 1939 in Melbourne, Australia.[2] It was established in 1885 by Maurice Brodzky (1847–1919), who obtained financial assistance[3] to st...
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FCC Table Talk - May 20, 1920 - History Snippet 2
“The Fairfield Canoe Club closed their active outdoor season recently with their first Annual Club Championship Race. Mr.L.Cohen (Fairfield) kindly donated the trophy for the event. The race was run off in three heats, and the final resulted in a win for A.Lucke, by a length and a half from J.Reev...
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Alphington and Fairfield Swimming Pools - History Snippet 1
You will all be well familiar with the remains of this Swimming Basin as you cruise upstream to Zoli’s Straight, but do you realise its importance to the community in years after the Great War? I attach some information taken from the Darebin Library Collection and also a photo collage of a fundra...
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