Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

History Snippet – Outrage on the Chandler!

Chandler bridge

There was great excitement for cyclists recently as the upgrade of the old Chandler Highway bridge was completed and the opening of the new multi-lane bridge brought a smile to the faces of many motorists. All good so far……….until a gentle paddle upstream just before Christmas revealed….NOTHING!

All the accumulated history of cavalier paddlers and their Yarra floods that had been ‘beautifully’ documented on the northern pylon over at least 50 years had been cleaned-off!


The only graffiti remaining is high-up on the southern pylon. How fortunate that we have preserved history in both photo and words earlier in the piece (see History Snippet 6, July 2018.)

Who will be brave enough to inform Jonathon of his deletion from history’s page?

Alternatively, here is the real challenge….replace Jonathon’s tag-line for a FCC Life member!

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