Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Zoli Szigeti

Zoli and Adrian


Zoli Szigeti defected from the Hungian Canoe team after the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games. Soon after he joined the FCC and immediately had a huge impact at the club. Zoli became the main coach at the club and his coaching squad had great success at the Victorian Canoeing regattas. Zoli infuence at the club contined well into the 1990's where his Sunday canoe classes and the club "Sunday sessions" were to become a focus at the club.

Zoli was a much loved member of FCC and introduced hundreds of people to canoeing and the club. 

A large number of Zoilis begginer class students went on to join the club.

Photo: Zoli (right) with Adrain Powell


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