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"January Training Program" - History Snippet 24

Zoli in action 1970

What have you been doing this January?

Given the article that surfaced at our Legends Lunch in November, perhaps this should be titled “What you should have been doing this month”!

Two of our Legends guests were Bev and Otto Griesmayr, longstanding members of the Essendon Canoe Club and frequent visitors to FCC. They brought with them a roneoed copy of Zoli Szigeti’s 1966 Training Programme and Kayak Paddling tips.

Zoli in action 1970

Zoli (bow) in action with Roland Mueller - 1970

As transcribed:

"Foreword                                                                                                                                        Melbourne, April, 1966

There are many people in Australia who are not sparing time, energy and money to achieve good results in competition but they are simply not in the position to learn to paddle the correct way. Therefore the purpose of this article is to show the basic movements of kayak paddling to beginners as well as competitors in areas where a coach is not available. I do not state that the shown style is the perfect movement for each individual paddler but by following the basic rules illustrated the 90% of the existing kayakists would be far better off, judging by the 1966 Australian Championships.

The training has been drawn up for an adult man paddler, preparing for 500, 1000 and 10,000 meter races. Women and junior men paddlers should do approximately 2/3rds of the program, cutting down the long distances. The amount of training may seem too much for some program people, but in the canoe sport one must work hard to achieve good results. There is no-other way around.                                                                                            

Good Luck

Z.Szigeti  -  Fairfield Canoe Club"


The January program is attached as are the recommended three basic positions.

P3 of training programP4 of training programme

Images from training program


Good luck in the next Australian Championships!

Please also enjoy Zoli’s Story on the FCC History page.

His contribution to Victorian paddling is significant indeed.

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