Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Frank Harrison Race 2019

The Frank Harrison race was held on the Murray - on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February 2019.  Huge turnout of paddlers - more than 130 paddlers, with over 200 entries across the 2 days.

Both days were warm, mid 30s, and the 26km from the Hume Weir Wall to Albury felt like every one of those km.  Particularly after eating way too much pizza on Friday evening - not good paddling food!

Two of our club members are sporting a shiny red car - with zero emissions - which looks even better when topped with 2 x k1s.  Mr Musk might not be overly impressed with the impact on fuel/electron economy but wow it looks great.  And those K1s were put to good use on both days of the marathon.

Thanks heaps to Stephen Routley who towed the trailer.  Great to see a good Trinity contingent up there.  Total of 19 FCC paddlers.

Saturday results here.  Sunday here.

The Murray from Hume weir to Albury is beautiful.  Very swirly in places.  A few gravel races but nothing too technical.

This year saw a continuation of the resurgence of canoe paddlers - there were a dozen women canoeists in the single 26km event - and some pretty impressive times by canoes too.  FCC's Stephen Routley was the fastest FCC canoe on both days (2 hours 4 mins in single, 2 hours, 2 mins in double 26km).  FCC's Michael Fan / Rufas Craig were the fastest FCC TK2 in the 16km event in 1 hour 18 mins and Chris Burns/Alex Boyd were the fastest FCC K2 over 26km in 1 hour 50mins.

Hopefully next year we'll see 30 or more FCC paddlers up there !

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