Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

FCC AGM 2020

FCC Annual General Meeting and Awards Day

We held our "replacement" AGM on Sunday 7 Feb. Minutes will be on the website shortly, but director positions were confirmed and our updated rules (which allow future AGMs to be held online using technology or - as we hope to do - hold them in person but also enable people who cannot get there in person to join using technology).

We spoke about the works which have been underway at the club over recent months to re-plenish the upstairs floors, to investigate and epoxy/paint the bases of the A frames, to paint much of downstairs and to introduce the new "swipe" fob system.  We also spoke about upcoming proposal for a "tinnie" launch ramp - which will be described with photos/images in an upcoming eNews edition - and about what we need to do to ensure the dock is not so slippery.

Thank you very much for the nearly 50 members who attended - possibly a record - great to see so many faces both "old" and "new" members taking a keen interest in the club and taking the opportunity to meet other paddlers.

Thank you also Elena for arranging the excellent catering.

Minutes and updated club rules/constitution will be up on our website imminently.

We also held our annual awards presentation, held after the AGM.

As notified to all members earlier, our ‘replacement’ 2019-20 AGM is scheduled for: 4pm Sunday 7th February 2021 at Fairfield Canoe Club.  Given that most members have already listened to the reports in August we will not read through director reports in detail. We propose to re-confirm the decisions that were made in the original AGM – agenda is online here.
We will also take the opportunity to put a special resolution forward to update our rules and allow future general meetings to be held using technology.  The formal notice to members with proposed rule changes has been emailed to all members - contact us if you have not received it.  

We will use the occasion to present a COVID-influenced version of our 2020 FCC Awards.  AND we will hand out new blue FCC "fobs" to all members present.

FCC's Annual General Meeting for 2020 was held via Zoom on Monday 31 August 2020.  43 members attended.  Unfortunately CAV have deemed this invalid as it was not held "in person" so we are holding the in person AGM on 7 Feb 2021.

The Agenda for the AGM is here.

Finalised Minutes from the 2019 AGM are here.

Draft Minutes from the 2020 "invalid" AGM are here.

Reports from the directors are here.

Audited accounts are here.

Rowan and the FCC Board

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