Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Long distance series

Marathon junior start

I encourage all FCC members to have a crack at a long distance (marathon) race this year – help us regain that trophy – every entry is a point and every point counts. Grab a Canoe Marathon Diary from the club and pencil in your dates for adventure.

A Marathon race is held every 3 or 4 weeks during the winter. All standards of paddlers are welcome to paddle and races are mainly held in Melbourne and country Victoria

FCC will supply everything you need to compete if required. You just need to be a financial member of the club (your fees include a racing/insurance component that goes to the CV). From here FCC offers beginner level coaching, boats, paddles and lifejackets to get you on your way – even a trailer or a friendly car pool to get you to that venue, whether local or country. All you need is a sense of adventure and about $20 entry fee and don’t forget a few dollars for a sausage in bread and a hot coffee after the race. What a great way to see the country, get fit and swap a few yarns, let alone brag about your performance back at work on Monday. Some find that the wind was stronger, the temperature colder and the competition much more dramatic the day after a race.

Race distance and class depends on fitness and experience. Higher divisions race from 18 to 24kms – the rest of us mere mortals travel about 8 to 18kms. You will be started in a class reflective of your ability and satisfaction is guaranteed. For those a little more tentative than others, you can look forward to racing doubles and if you ask nicely a more experienced FCC member may partner you on your first doubles race.


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