Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Winter Series Race 5 - Lilydale Lake Singles

Not long to go until Winter Series race 5! The race is being held on Sunday 19th August at Lillydale Lake.

This will be the first Winter Series race held at Lillydale Lake and it will have a slightly different format.

This a designated “singles” race with a difference: paddlers will start in doubles and switch to singles half way through the race. You work with your partner in doubles to get the best position possible and then you compete with each other (and all the other paddlers) to the finish.

Each lap is around the perimeter of the lake and is ~1.7 km long. Divisions 1 to 4 will portage on nominated laps.

If you don’t have a doubles partner you can paddle singles for the whole race; likewise if you don’t have a singles boat you can paddle doubles for the whole race.

You may choose the distance you wish to paddle, regardless of your divisional ranking. However, please do not choose the longest distance unless you can paddle at greater than 12 km/hr over that distance.

“Doubles to singles” divisions/classes will change boats on the beach area mid-way through the race.

Wearing of an approved PFD (personal flotation device) is mandatory for this event.

Click here to view the flyer.

Register at https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=123742
Before 5.00 pm Friday 17th August. 


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