Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Fairfield constitution in 1956 - "ladies racing" - History Snippet 15

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Fairfield constitution in 1956 - "ladies racing" History snippet 

A brief review of the Fairfield Canoe Club constitution and rules as amended in 1956 showed some very interesting differences to today’s club:

  • New members paid an application fee £1/1/0, a full year membership of £5/5/0 and then were on 3 month’s probation!
  • Interesting category of membership called Ladies Racing Members who had no voting rights, were not provided with a key but were liable for all working bees!! Once they had obtained a boat they had to become full members
  • A position of Commodore was a key role in the club. They were responsible for taking charge of all gatherings of members for camping, racing, paddling or picnics. They also reported back to the Committee on any breaches of the rules by members.
  • In addition to the club colours of light and dark blue the club had a signal – a pointed pennant measuring 18 inches long by 9 inches wide. Each officer of the club (President, Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer) also had their own specially designed signal.
  • ·The Committee could by unanimous vote expel any member they considered undesirable! Other reasons for expulsion were conduct prejudicial to the club, disobeying proper orders from the Commodore, or infringing amateur status.

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