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2019 Centenary Year

FCC Annual General Meeting 2023

FCC Annual General Meeting 2023 The Annual General Meeting of the Fairfield Canoe Club Co-operative Ltd was held on Sunday 27th August at 4pm in "hybrid" format - in person and online via Zoom to enable as many of our members as possible to attend.

The Agenda for the AGM,  reports from Directors and Audited Accounts are attached to this page.

At the AGM we had four directors retiring and three directors continuing.

The continuing Directors with one year remaining on their two year terms are Rowan Doyle, Helen Gibney and Edward Tollinton. The retiring Directors were:

  • Alasdair Morrison retired after completing 1 year of his two-year term
  • Johannes Siebrand retired after completing his one-year term
  • Geoff Baird retired after completing his two-year term
  • Foster Rossetto retired after completing his two-year term

Geoff Baird and Johannes Siebrand were the two nominations received for the board, and as such were elected automatically during the AGM.

Nominations were called from the floor during the AGM and:

  • Leab Sek, Senior manager in regulatory science with Moderna Australia, and
  • Tony Ladson, engineer

were nominated to join the board.  Both were elected and approved at the AGM.

Draft minutes for the 2023 AGM will be published here shortly.

Thanks to members for your ongoing support of FCC.

Rowan and the FCC Board

2023 FCC AGM minutes - draft

2023 AGM Committee Reports

2023 FCC Financial Reports

2023 AGM Agenda

2022 FCC AGM minutes - approved

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