Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Club Timeline

Winter Series created

May 1, 1979


The success of the Summer Red Cross Murray Marathon brought many paddlers onto the river but there was no event for this group of paddlers during the intervening Winter months. The Winter Series Inter-club Marathon Competition was conceived and born in 1979. FCC won the inaugural Championship, but the 'golden' era was 1993-1999 with six […]
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FCC Clubhouse condemned by Council

January 1, 1980


This was a time of crisis for FCC. The Clubhouse, built by members in 1925-1928, had fallen into a state of considerable disrepair. This resulted in the local Council planning to officially condemn the building. This edict precipitated the remaining Club Members into action to somehow preserve the Club and its assets. The first urgent step was […]
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FCC Co-Op formed

November 1, 1981


Fairfield Canoe Club Cooperative Society formed. Previously FCC was an unincorporated club. The Cooperative was decided upon a) to raise rebuilding funds by shareholdings and b) to form a legally constituted club covered by legislation to help protect officials and members and also as a legal entity able to raise funds
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Club house demolished

July 26, 1982
The old club house


The  condemned Clubhouse finally demolished in 1982. As in 1925, Club members, once again, set about digging the foundations of a new Clubhouse, the roof being in place in 1984.
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1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles

July 28, 1984


John Doak K4 1000m 7th in the Final
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FCC C7 breaks Murray record

July 31, 1988

Clubhouse Progresses and Landing is is rebuilt

January 1, 1991


1991 reveals that the Clubhouse now has an upstairs floor and a mezzanine is being created. The landing is also extensively revised and enlarged 
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Marathon Winter series, the seed is sown

July 31, 1992


It’s hard to believe it now, but in 1992 Fairfield Canoe Club members were a rarity at a VCA Winter Series race. When we entered at the registration table Wayne Cook, David Bellette and myself were the only Fairfield entries. And judging from the comments made by the officials, they hadn’t seen many FCC members […]
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Members save club

November 1, 1992


In May, members were asked individually to assist the club financially by making an interest free loan so the club could develop a coordinated and intensive program to complete the building to the specifications and standards required by the Northcote City Council to gain a 'completion of works'. Many club members made pledges of financial […]
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