Winter series

Echuca mini - new club director fastest paddler !

Twelve Fairfield members paddled the 50kms, 20kms, or relay on Saturday, in the last winter series marathon race for the season. Total points are yet to be finalised (keep posted) A sunny day with a few wind gusts made for a great paddle. The occasional speed boat made for some unexpected large waves, and of course the mandatory paddle steamers, just out of Echuca, made an interesting final few kilometres. 

Winter series - Patersons Lakes

We are still in the chase, well done to our paddlers we have not lost our position on the ladder.  The results from Race 4 has some wonderful highlights:

Again Gary and his partner have come through with an outstanding result based on the handicap system, (phew, he is not losing his standing with a different partner (who happens to be Liz our fab race director - Ed).
Our forever faithful – Jon M has shown us all again what makes a “Fairfield” competitor dangerous; guts and determination combined with loyalty.  We are so proud of you Jon.

Marathon winter series

I encourage all FCC members to have a crack at a Winter Series race this year – help us regain that trophy – every entry is a point and every point counts. Grab a Canoe Marathon Diary from the club and pencil in your dates for adventure.

A Marathon winter series race is held every 3 or 4 weeks during the winter. All standards of paddlers are welcome to paddle and races are mainly held in Melbourne and country Victoria

Schools at FCC

Strathcona Girls Baptist and Trinity Grammar Schools have kayak programs based at Fairfield Canoe Club. Both school groups are coached by FCC members and the schools are associate members of the club. FCC hosts one the Winter series races at the Strathcona campus in Hawthorn. 

Many of the schools paddlers have since joined the club and continued paddling. Parents of the students have also discovered paddling at one of the clubs 'come and try days" for parents of school paddlers and gone to on to become active club members. Several Trinity parents are currently members of the club board.

Photos: courtesy Strathcona.

Marathon Winter Series Inter-club Trophy - a history

Resplendent in the FCC clubrooms, it might be easy to think that the winter series trophy has never has another home. Look back a few years, though, and there is a slightly different story to tell. Kerryn Bonnett, a Fairfield member in the 1990's, helped revitalise club interest in the the marathon winter series, in particular through the inter-club trophy. Kerryn's article, published in the mid-90's gives us a great insight into the history of the trophy and how involvement in the winter series shaped the club through the decade.