Frank Harrison Race 2019

The Frank Harrison race was held on the Murray - on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February 2019.  Huge turnout of paddlers - more than 130 paddlers, with over 200 entries across the 2 days.

Both days were warm, mid 30s, and the 26km from the Hume Weir Wall to Albury felt like every one of those km.  Particularly after eating way too much pizza on Friday evening - not good paddling food!

In the Murray's grip

Each year, the Murray Marathon attracts hundred of paddlers to take the challenge between Christmas and New Year. In 2012, FCC sisters Naomi and Sophie Johnson paddled the half-marathon, winning the 202km handicapped race. Naomi reflects on the competition, the beautiful Murray river, and what it's like to spend fifteen hours in a boat with her sibling!