We receive many individual requests for further information from people who have a variety of skills and experience in the sport of canoeing from beginners to elite.

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in deciding whether you wish to take the next step:

Q. Do you conduct beginner classes?

A. The Club is fortunate to have the services of Level One coaches who conduct beginner classes most Sunday mornings between 8.00am and 9.40am. These are run over four Sundays. FCC provide the boats, lifejackets and paddles while you need a change of clothes, sunscreen , enthusiasm.

To join a beginners session email see our beginners class page.

Q. Do you need to be a member to do the beginner session?

A. No. Undertaking the beginner sessions gives you have a wonderful opportunity to get a feel for kayaking while finding out if the atmosphere of the Fairfield Canoe Club suits you.

Q. Do I need my own boat?

A. No. FCC has a variety of beginners and intermediate boats available to members. Many members do purchase their own boat after a period of time, however this is not an obligation.

Q. What type of kayaking do you do at Fairfield?

A. The most popular discipline at Fairfield Canoe Club is flatwater marathon kayaking and canoeing, but you can also become involved in sprint kayaking, canoe polo and touring.

Q. Does the club provide training and/or coaching?

A. Yes, coaching is available. FCC has a training session provided by club members on Sunday mornings between 10.00 am and 1130am. There are also informal sessions on Tuesday evenings from 430pm and early Sunday mornings from 8am. See also beginner classes above.

Q. Can we join as a whole family?

A. Of course! We are a family club with many families as members. There are boats, life jackets and paddles for all ages, sizes and shapes and competency.  

Q. I want to do the Murray River Marathon, how do I get involved?

A. Over the years the Fairfield Canoe Club has been an active participant in the Murray River Marathon. A lot of the coaching and training during October, November and December is directed towards people planning to participate in the Murray. To train out of the FCC you need to be a financial member of the club. Each year the club runs an information evening on the Murray River Marathon.

Q. Does the club provide short term membership?

A. No, membership fees are paid on an annual basis without exceptions.

Q. Can I visit the club?

A. Sure thing! We would welcome a visit to the club. A Club director is available at the Clubhouse on most Sundays between 9.45 am and 10.15 am so do come down and make yourself known. Soak up the vibe as you have a tea or coffee as our guest.

Ask us all the questions you like, and we'll make every attempt to answer them.