How to empty a kayak

Please take your time to empty club boats correctly. Some club boats are being damaged by incorrect use. Sophie Johnson demonstrates how to empty water out of a kayak.  

Looking after club boats - emptying a kayak. from Fairfield Canoe Club on Vimeo.

1/ When you fall in, turn the boat up the right way.

2/ Look for a safe place to get out of the river and swim the boat there, with the boat on the downstream side of you
3/ Push the nose of the boat down into the water 
3/ Flip the boat upside down and raise the end you are holding  at the same time. You may need to do this a few times 
4/ When you’re ready get back in the boat, and continue your paddle.
Please do not lift a full boat up by the side. It can make the seams split. The last photo shows the wrong way to empty a boat.