Summer paddle clean up

On January 31st we will be going through all the paddles hung up at the back of the club - as you may have seen it is quite messy back there! You may have noticed the club paddles section is looking much tidier now than how it did a month or so ago as we have already gone through all the club paddles and filtered out all the paddles that are worn out or that we feel no longer fit in as "club paddles"; how the club paddles section looks now is our dream for how the private paddles section will soon look.

Ben Ward Memorial 40 Miler Canoe Race

Fairfield members enjoyed great weather and a fast Murray last Saturday, paddling from Yarrawonga to Cobram, in the Ben Ward Memorial 40 Miler Canoe Race. Robin Curwen-Walker reports.

Sophie Johnson, Hal Curwen-Walker and I competed in the Ben Ward Memorial 40 Miler Canoe Race in the relay on Saturday 7th December. We were lucky with perfect weather at about 25 degrees and only a light zephyr to start with. Alex and Wanda were up there also doing the full distance in their zippy C2. There weren’t a huge number of people, but enough to make an enthusiastic throng. The Camberwell Grammar and Airforce Cadets padded out the crowd with their extensive paddling teams and land crews.

Santa arrived early at the 2013 club awards on Saturday night.

Santa Clause made a special visit to the 2013 club Awards and Christmas party held on Saturday night. Santa arrived by canoe with the help of his canoe helper, Kevin Hannington. Kevin, dressed in black pants and shirt was later seen showing some very impressive moves on the dance floor. With lights and decorations the club looked great. After the meal the club awards were presented, with the Presidents award going to Mick Kane and the Under the Yarra award going to Steve Gadsden. A special thanks to Peter Goldsworthy and the social committee for organising a very successful night.