Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

About the Yarra river levels

After heavy rain in the Yarra Valley the height of the river (and current) can increase dramatically.  Above 1.0m, unless you are an experienced paddler, think very carefully before heading out - the water will be swirly, fast and there may be large timber or debris floating fast downstream.  We usually postpone or cancel our beginner courses above 1.0m water level.

level chart



Sample of the changing Yarra levels

A red arrow indicates the river is rising, a green one the opposite.

Clicking on the arrow will navigate to a list of the actual readings. A height of around 0.230 is a typical summer level, with water lapping the lowest step on our dock.

Water level above the top step, at 3.5m

River in flood

Yarra at approx 2.6m (note that this was taken before the steps were raised further - top of new steps is at about 3.0m).

1 m flood

Yarra at approx 1.0m. with the dock covered.


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