Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Boat racks at FCC

FCC has around 200 storage racks for their members to keep their boats close to the water and easily accessible.

About the boat racks in the club
Our racks suit many different types of boats; from Olympic level sprint kayaks to Sea kayaks and everything in between, doubles and singles. The club policy document can be downloaded (bottom of this page) Photo: Kieren checking the club boat racks.

How do you get onto the boat rack waiting list?
Inside the clubrooms on the noticeboards there is a boat rack waiting list. In order to obtain a position on the list you must add your name, boat type and contact details in the table provided. The racking coordinator will contact you as needed. Once notified of an available rack the member will have 1 month to fill the rack or provide evidence that a boat has been ordered. If this has not been done, the member will lose the rack and their name will go to the bottom of the waiting list. If at any point a member waiting becomes an unfinancial member, their position on the waiting list will be lost.

Racking at FCC

How long does it take to get a rack?
For singles racks it may take 18 months or more – singles racks are in short supply and high demand. Doubles racks are generally much faster to obtain and may take only a number of days if you are willing to have a top level rack. Mid year, when members renew their membership, usually a few racks become available and the waiting list moves along faster as some members leave the club or no longer need a rack.

How does the racking system work?
Racks are numbered with a letter, indicating which row it is in, and a number, indicating the rack in said row. (E.G. F13)

Please keep in mind that member racks are there for paddlers to store boats that are regularly used, and not as permanent storage. We ask that if you aren’t able to, or do not paddle regularly that you store your boat at home and transport it when needed – this is out of courtesy to those members who do paddle regularly.

Racking Policy:
For full details refer section 4.8 in the FCC Policy and Procedures.

  • The general intention is to provide all full financial members with at least one rack.
  • Additionally, for an extra fee Members can also have a higher rack if available.
  • Racks cannot be leased to, shared, or permanently used by another member without permission of the board and/or racking coordinator.
  • Racks may be reclaimed, and boats acquired by FCC under certain circumstances.

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