Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Club Boats and Equipment

Fairfield Canoe Club has a fantastic fleet available to our members, including a wide range of kayaks, canoes and polo boats.  Our fleet includes single, double and quad boats ranging from stable beginner craft through to less stable racing craft.

In order to help our paddlers choose which boat to paddle, we've put together a full listing of the club fleet, in stability order - see below.  The listing also indicates which rack each boat belongs in - and boats are gradually being labelled with rack numbers as well.  It's important that you return any boat that you use to the right rack.

When you borrow a club boat to use on the Yarra, you must "book it out" either using our electronic boat logging system (use the portable swipe device to swipe your fob first, then the fob located inside front left cockpit of each club boat) or writing boat nos down on our paper register.  These systems help us to work out which boats are most used - and hence need replacement or repair.

Club fleet - kayaks

Club fleet - canoes

Club fleet and equipment - canoe polo

In selecting and maintaing our club fleet we focus on boats which help our members to learn and improve, gradually increasing their abilities in faster and less stable craft.  While we have a small number of racing K1s and C1s, these are generally entry level boats rather than high end racing boats: we expect that by the time that members are competing regularly they will purchase their own boats.

The lists above are provided to help members to select which boats to choose to paddle next as their skills improve.  The list are also attached to notice boards in the club house and outside the boat shed.

Kayaks are K (racing kayak) and TK (touring kayak), in singles, doubles and quads (e.g. K4 = racing kayak quad, TK2 = touring kayak double).  Kayaks use a double bladed paddle.  We also have a number of plastic sea kayaks suitable for beginners.

Canoes are C (racing canoe) and TC (touring canoe), also in singles, doubles and quads (e.g. C4 = racing canoe quad, TC1 = single touring canoe).  Canoes use a single bladed paddle.  Racing canoes (C boats) are mostly paddled in a "high kneeling" position.

We also have a good range of club PFDs (personal flotation devices or buoyancy vests), paddles, canoe polo goals and land based gym equipment including a paddling ergo and a Nelo "Powerhouse" paddle training machine.

Looking after club boats - emptying a kayak. from Fairfield Canoe Club on Vimeo.

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