Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Just joined FCC

What now?
You have paid your monies, received your own Clubhouse fob, ensured that you have subscribed to our weekly eNews and have been welcomed by all...now what?

Here are a few things to help you get started and involved in Club:

Your Mentor
Make a note of which Director provided you with a fob. If you have forgotten, see their pics and contact details or alternatively on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse.

He/she will be happy to help you to fit into the Club asap. So feel comfortable to be in touch with them and to ask questions and directions.

Orientation and Use of Club Equipment

Most of our club boats are quite breakable.  Your back is also quite breakable if you try to empty a boat full of water in the wrong way.  It's essential that you attend a new member orientation session (or a beginner course which also covers this information) before using any of our fibreglass boats.  Details about orientation sessions are in our weekly eNews.

About your fob
It opens the Clubhouse front door, the doors onto the deck, the side gate and the doors of the boat shed.  If you are a canoe polo player, you should also have received a key to the canoe polo shed.

We ask that you close doors as you go. So when you come in the front door, make sure you lock the door behind you. The same applies for the door onto the deck, the boat shed doors and the side gate. Please lock up even if you are going for a "short paddle". We all do. And that is why we haven't had any problems over the years

Life jacket/Personal floatation device
Don't forget to grab a life jacket/ personal floatation device (PFD, not a PDF!) on the side of the shed and a paddle at the back of the shed, also marked "FCC".

Remember you MUST wear a life jacket/PFD, it is the law.

How do I get a boat to paddle?

Before using club boats new members need attend a brief orientation session on the use of club boats as noted above.

Use any boat with "FCC" on the front. You will be required to log the boat out (logs are found on side of both single doors) and in. Should there be any damage to the boat done before or after your paddle, please note it down so it may be repaired.  Note on the log, and also fill in a "damage" form please.

Once you are competent in a TK you are welcome to ask any Board member to ascertain that you are stable enough to progress to the K1s stored on the right side of the Shed. They are are faster, but as such, are also more tippy and will be more demanding of your skills.

Paddling groups
There are a few paddling groups that you may want to paddle with:

The "Cappucino Run" are a group of paddlers who tackle the trip down to Studley Park for a coffee, or upstream to Darebin creek. Easy going. The focus is on paddling together, and getting to know other paddlers. Once the lattes have settled they come back to the Club, usually amidst much laughter and chatting.

Time slot: Many Saturdays (see eNews for details) generally starting at 9am. We'll aim to have you back in around 2.5 hours.

Sunday Training "Zoli" Sessions
These sessions occur most Sundays, are coach-led and aimed at all paddlers in the Club who want to improve their paddling prowess. We don't run these if we have a club time trial on, or on Winter Series race days.  See eNews for weekly details.

Time slot: Sunday morning 10am to 11.30 (or 9 to 10.30 depending on daylight savings and winter weather!) followed by shared morning tea.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
There are paddlers on the water on these two days from about 5.00 onwards. Feel free to tag along.

At this time the Trinity Grammar boys also do their training, as do other paddlers who are keen on improving.

There is opportunity to do a race or two. Do not hassle about whether you are up to it, just give it a go.

Even if you decide not to participate on the water you are encouraged to come along and enjoy the vibe.

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