Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Massive Murray Paddle 2021 (Feb 2022)

From Monday 21 Feb to Friday 25 Feb we had several FCC related crews racing in the Massive Murray Paddle.  Wennie (K1) and Rowan/Fiona (TC2) and Stephen (UC2) completed full distance.  Lisa, Marlena and Don (K1 relay) completed most of the distance.
Some highlights:

  • Fastest full distance boat was Stephen and James in UC1
  • Mud, glorious mud!  Squelching in the mud at each checkpoint on day 5.
  • Coming around a tight bend at 7.20am on Thursday, just out of Echuca/Moama and finding the paddlesteamer Canberra bearing down on us (that was what that "toot" was.  A quick paddle to the right and phew we were well clear...
  • Swirls, snags, swimming snakes ... and no capsizes
  • Amazing landcrew.  Being refuelled and re-energised at each checkpoint (see "mud" above) was fab.
  • Generous donors to our causes.  Thank you!
  • Overall results
  • Overall handicap results

Detailed article and plenty of photos to come...

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