Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Winter series - Patersons Lakes

Pat at Patersons Lakes

We are still in the chase, well done to our paddlers we have not lost our position on the ladder.  The results from Race 4 has some wonderful highlights:

Again Gary and his partner have come through with an outstanding result based on the handicap system, (phew, he is not losing his standing with a different partner (who happens to be Liz our fab race director - Ed).
Our forever faithful – Jon M has shown us all again what makes a “Fairfield” competitor dangerous; guts and determination combined with loyalty.  We are so proud of you Jon.

Pat at Patersons Lakes

First time competitors, Andrew and Josie had a wonderful result in a TK2 winning their division.  Josie’s belief in their ability was “we could have done 12kms”, next time Josie. Coming from Polo they have proven that our disciplines can be interchangeable and bring further rewards.  The absence of some regular competitors was due to other discipline competitions. I hope there are no further clashes.



Our Juniors whom we are so proud of, achieved great results in their races, we have faith in their abilities to continue this trend throughout the series.  As Em & Lachlan passed me in the race, I just thought how easy they make it look, they are a force to be reckoned with, well done to all.


Paterson Lakes

To keep our focus and direction within the team, we are having a BBQ lunch on the Sunday before Race day, all welcome.  Next BBQ is Sunday 11th August at 11.30am, join us after the Zoli training session to discuss our strategies.

Patersons Lakes

Liz Jenkins
Race Director

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