Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year
FCC Christmas Party and Awards 2023
Sunday 3 December - Our Christmas Party and Awards start 4pm.  All welcome!  Book online here now.  $15 adults, $20 non member adults, $5 children.  Dinner provided, BYO alcoholic drinks.  During the Christmas Party we'll hold a River Rally/ Scavenger Hunt, so bring your paddling clothes! Also ...
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FCC Earthmovers
  Question: What does a barrow hold? Answer: The making of a club! Perusal of the FCC records reveals that many, many cubic metres (yards even) of materials have been shifted within and from without 9 The Esplanade. A veritable mountain of earth moving with the trusty wheelbarrow. Right from th...
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FCC Annual General Meeting 2023
FCC Annual General Meeting 2023 The Annual General Meeting of the Fairfield Canoe Club Co-operative Ltd was held on Sunday 27th August at 4pm in "hybrid" format - in person and online via Zoom to enable as many of our members as possible to attend. The Agenda for the AGM,  reports from Directors an...
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Vale - Jim Smith
Vale Robert James ‘Jim’ Smith 18/5/1938 – 13/3/2023   Jim Smith was a long-time member and friend of Fairfield Canoe Club. He was a mate of Jonathan Mayne from the Church of England Boys Society days in the early ‘50s. Later they joined the Fairfield Canoe Club and became great supporte...
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“Some reflections on our Barefoot Bowling Fundraiser”
History Snippet:  - “Some reflections on our Barefoot Bowling Fundraiser”   ‘Barefoot Bowling’ might be a ‘first’ as a fundraiser but there is a long tradition of events to raise funds for our club paddlers endeavouring to attend representative events.   Back in 1920 the brand...
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FCC Barefoot Bowling - Friday 24 February
FCC Social and Fundraising Event  Barefoot Bowls at the Fairfield Bowls Club on Friday 24 Feb from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.  Plenty of yummy finger food provided.  It's a social event and fundraiser to help support our sprint athletes attending the Perth Nationals in March.  ALL welcome - bring friends...
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History Snippet - "A Visit to Meet the Princess"
Several weeks ago, Tony Payne and I travelled to the Mornington Peninsula to meet “Princess”. So what, you might ask? In fact, this was a multi-generational trip across our club’s history, that starts with our iconic ‘origin photograph’ hanging in the clubhouse. Alf Lucke was an important ...
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Platypus News and Views - No 90
In this edition you can read about: Research by the Conservancy and Arthur Rylah Institute to learn more about how platypus and native fish cope with bushfire-related disturbance. Results from a platypus eDNA survey along the Lower Goulburn River using a back-pack water sampler. A new citizen scienc...
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An Incident on the Yarra - Be Prepared
I have always joked with my bike friends, that when I come out of the boat at least I have a soft landing. But one of them came back to me after my ‘incident’ on the Yarra, that after he came off his bike, worked out that he was ok, he knew where his bike […]...
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The Yarra is in Flood Again
The ‘ups-and-downs’ of our beloved Yarra have created a variety of problems and opportunities over the years. 2022 sees us hurriedly lifting the tinnie and canoe polo boats to higher ground for safe keeping. This practice of “raising the boats” has been undertaken on many occasions over our ...
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