Platypus News


I am pleased to attach the current edition of Platypus News & Views (no. 82, November 2020). 

In this edition you can read about:

·Results of a recent APC survey at Malmsbury which confirmed a healthy platypus population in the lower Coliban River.

·Some hypotheses about the meaning of new research showing that platypus 'glow' in UV light.

·The platypus 'hotspots' from 2020 APMN (Australian Platypus Monitoring Network) results.

·Platypus mating behaviour filmed in Melbourne's suburbs.

·Fascinating  video of a platypus having a poo on land!

· New Platypus Services Alliance provides a "one stop shop" for platypus technical advice.

·APC offers platypus and rakali webinar services.

You are welcome to reproduce any of the material from PN&V for non-profit, educational purposes, subject to acknowledgement of the APC as the source. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any more information.

Geoff Williams


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