Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Reservation of club boats for racing + trailer overhangs

A club boat can be reserved for the next race by following these steps:

  1. Register your intention to race a club boat
    Up to two weeks before a race, place your name and desired boat number on the club whiteboard for the race.
    Check to make sure the boat is not damaged.
    Note: Beginner boats (with numbers ending in a B) cannot be taken to a race. 
  2. Reserve the boat
    On the Thursday night before a race, place your name and race details on paper slip, insert into plastic holder and place on boat number holder on your designated boat.  This will ensure other paddlers do not take out the boat at trailer loading time.  Plastic holders and slips are on bench below Race Directors notice board. 
  3. Loading Boat
    Check whiteboard to make sure the trailer will towed to the race and for loading times.
    (Note: Trailer may not be towed to all races, especially if few require boat transport)
    If time not specified on whiteboard load trailer from 12noon on Saturday before a race.
    Boats can be loaded on private cars (note on whiteboard) but must be adequately supported and secured with use of kayak cradles. 
    Sign your boat out downstairs at the sign out bench
    Return holder to the tub before loading boat on trailer.
  4. On return to Club
    FCC boats must be returned to the club on race day or on the day after if an overnight trip. 
    Meet trailer at club house and assist with unloading.
    Transportation on the club trailer to and from races is at your cost.
    Wash boat and return to correct rack
    Sign your boat in downstairs at the sign out bench.
  5. Report damage
    All damage and problems with the boat should be reported on the damage forms available downstairs at the sign out desk.

Adding the boat details to the whiteboard does not guarantee use of boat for the race.
Where ever possible boats will be assigned on a first come first served basis, however after discussion with you the final decision rests with the Race Director(s).

When using the club trailer, or when putting boats on roof racks, ensure that you are in compliance with relevant laws regarding overhang.  Typically, maximum overhang on a vehicle is 1.2m at the front.  If there's any substantial overhang at the rear a red flag is required.  Refer to the following:

Overhang on the club trailer is permissible as long as it complies with the documentation:


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