Member stories

Joe Blake and Mick

On Friday 20 March 2020, FCC members Tony, Robin and Mick were paddling near Bellbird and they were lucky enough to meet one of the Yarra's slipperier bank dwellers.  Various versions of the story have been presented - wondering which, if any, is closest to the truth?

Samuel's version

This article appeared in this week’s journal of ‘Snake Tails’, a local rag for the Snake and Eel community of the Yarra River down from Dight’s Falls and beyond.

Bob Bateson time trial

Last Sunday's club time trials were held in memory of Bob Bateson. Bob was the official club time keeper for our occasional time trials for many years. After the 5 and 10km time trials, club members shared a few of their memories about Bobs time at the club, over morning tea (thanks to Elena, Rachel and Rowan for supplying the cakes).

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Snakes, Horses, Sheep and Ducks – wild life of the Yarra. Update. Snippet 36

photo: Museum Victoria website

One of the great attractions of paddling at Fairfield is the seemingly endless opportunities to spot wildlife in and around the river. There are a multitude of birds and at different times of the year you are likely to spot turtles, water rats and water dragons and perhaps an elusive platypus.