History snippets

Macaulay’s Boathouse – as remembered by Kevin Hannington

Macaulay’s Boathouse – as remembered by Kevin Hannington
Having recently explored some of the history of Rudder Grange, it seems timely to research some of the other boathouses that used to inhabit ‘our stretch of the Yarra’. One of these was “Macaulay’s Boathouse”, which is now called “Mole End” and changed hands for a mere $6 million in March this year.

History Snippet – “FCC has created Club History this Year”

Our Club has created history at this year’s AGM by holding the meeting, for the very first time, courtesy of the wonders of the Internet  - a ZOOM Meeting. I bet they had not considered this break from tradition 100 years ago! Better still, it was better attended than many recent years with 43 members joining the meeting.

Hazards on the Hawkesbury – a Modern History of this event!

Many FCC paddlers have ventured up to NSW to do the "Hawkesbury 100" and invariably have stories of pain and suffering. Typically they will recall the hazards of the Hawkesbury as the distance (~111km) and hence sore backside, the tides, the wide river, the fact that it is held overnight and the boat crushing cables of the cross river ferries.