History snippets

Elke Sager - a FCC Champion

History Snippet – “Elke Sager - a FCC Champion” Elke Sager appeared in our “Tokyo Olympics – a Paddler Report” where she was included in a photo alongside our FCC representatives – Marg Buck, Vid Juricskay & Fred Wasmer. As you will discover in this snippet, Elke was so very nearly a member of this team as well.

(Top photo: National Archives of Australia 1964. Migrant in Sports.)

History Snippet - “Tethered cars to the rescue, OR WERE THEY?” (A postscript)

Following the recent snippet on hiring out the FCC clubhouse to raise funds we have successfully confirmed the fact that the clubhouse was very much part of the local tether car action in 1947. The powers of the internet led Ron Savage to contact us. Ron is a tether car enthusiast and he has generously provided a wealth of material to us.