Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

Fairfield nearly lost everything. New members, "The Bear Hunters", joined the club. "A pretty rugged group" said Jim Smith. Due to the rationing of petrol, long paddles up and down the river were very popular. Close canoeing became more popular than rowing.The club mortgage was called in and rowing boats were sold to finance the loan repayment.The club was renamed the Fairfield Canoe Club

Names of the post war era included: John and Jennifer Ohman, Tom Ohman, Frank and Gwen Ettwell, Ken and Margaret Day, Les and Dorothy Hart, The Little Girls (Myra, Ronda and Joyce), Ron Ford, Ted and Essy Pedley, Arthur and Leslie Graham, Rubin and Tom Collins, Ron Yeats, Keith and Ray Tanner, Arthur Holmes, Billy Sith, Gordon Day and Dick McEwan.

Jan 27 Fairfield Canoe Club sold it's flagpole which was bought by Rudder Grange Canoe Club
Victorian Amateur Canoe Association (VACA) was formed (approx. 1949)

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