Fairfield Canoe Club
2019 Centenary Year

This was a time of crisis for FCC. The Clubhouse, built by members in 1925-1928, had fallen into a state of considerable disrepair. This resulted in the local Council planning to officially condemn the building.

This edict precipitated the remaining Club Members into action to somehow preserve the Club and its assets. The first urgent step was to apply for a building permit for a hastily drawn-up plan for an "A-frame". In addition, the remaining Title-holder trustee was found and the Title to 9, The Esplanade, Alphington  was formally transferred to the newly created Fairfield Canoe Club Co-Operative. For the first time, the land was truly 'ours'.

All that remained was to raise the funds to build a new Clubhouse. 

(details to be confirmed)

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