Club timeline

  • Club formed work starts on club house

    First sod

    The Fairfield Canoe Club (FCC)  Club was formed at the Boathouse, Fairfield Park (opposite the pipes) in 1919, but friction with the proprietor soon had members thinking of their own club house. One bone of contention was the necessity of hanging the club boats from the trees outside the building as no storage facilities were available for them.

    Land was eventually purchased for a clubhouse at 9 The Esplanade.

  • Land purchase

    Having determined to purchase land to have a "bid for our own premises" in 1924, funds were raised by selling debentures and land purchased at 9 The Esplanade, Fairfield in 1925.

    Excavations commenced by club members June, 1925 and completed January,1926.

  • Harry De La Rue President of Fcc

    The purchasing of the land at the Esplanade was the start. Debentures were sold and the grand plan started. The club house was completed in April 1928 and our great era of canoeing started.

    At the Victorian Championship for C4s at the annual Henley Regatta, competitors had a lot of fun decorating canoes. Mr.H. De La Rue was President. Prominent names: Harry De La Rue, Claire Williams, Alf Lucke, Bob Burgin, Fred Taylor. Alf Lucke was building high end C2s well ahead of his time
    One of the main workers building the club also built the trolley system.

  • The Great Depression

    Image: Australian Museum

    The Great Depression ran from 1929 - 1935. This time of unemployment had a significant effect on FCC. More people looking for cheap forms of entertainment saw canoe clubs initially prosper. However, as time passed, non-financial membership cast the Club into significant difficulties. This led to the co-location with a newly formed Rowing Club (NDRC) in 1933.

  • Northern Districts Rowing Club (NDRC) created.

    1933 was caught in the midst of the Great Depression (1929-1935). Reading the Fairfield Club Minutes of the day, it is clear that there were significant financial  pressures on the Club with falling membership, and many of those members being non-financial. The Club was at significant risk of folding as the club went bankrupt. There was a suggestion to turn the club into flats but fortunately this was avoided.