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2019 Centenary Year

History Snippet – “Moomba Madness – a timely Neil Grierson recollection”

Neil at club

You may have watched the Moomba Masters Water skiing events with all manner of skiers being towed behind high performance purpose-built powerboats, but are there alternatives available in these days of global warming?

Answer: Yes!

During the course of an interview with Neil Grierson, he was describing the speed and power of the Australian K4 that had won an earlier Olympics when he just happened to mention something about ‘Moomba and K4’s’.

As Neil related: “Back in the ‘80’s I saw a K4 tow a water-skier in Venice, so we organised an event in Moomba to get a K4 to tow a water-skier. It is possible and it was done. The skier needed to be under 8 stone. At that time, I was in the Ivanhoe Canoe Club and under my auspices, & indeed sponsorship, we gathered together a K4 crew to tow a water-skier in Moomba as a demonstration event. The young boy skier stayed in line, standing on one ski, as I remember. There was a running start and we had to pull them off a pontoon they were sitting on. A lot of fun.”


Image source: Norwegian kayak team - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao1CGm2C7Bs

Enjoy these videos:

  • A fun story


  • 2 skiers in tow


  • C8 pulls skier


This anecdote illustrates the typical enthusiasm and drive that Neil always brought with him to all activities he was involved in, whether it be competitive races, boatbuilding & maintenance, club activities & any fun events. An ‘ideas man’ with a wide range of pursuits & talents who will be sadly missed, in so many & varied ways, at FCC.

Challenge: How about a FCC water-ski event at Christmas Break-up this year?

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